Pamplona - 34,95 Euro

Pamolona, Viva San Fermín! is a board game recreating the famous Bull Run which every year is run during the celebrations of the "Fiesta de San Fermín". Each player controls one runner, one bull, and one ox. The runners must try to complete the 4 track sections; the bulls and oxen can earn points by chasing down opponents. The player with the highest total score at the end of the fourth track section in the winner.
The game is run over 4 different sections. Players place the oxen, bulls and then the runners. Each player receives bravery tokens based on his runner's distance from the first bull. Oxen and bulls move according to movement cards (values 2-); runners always move of 2 only. Runners will have to manage to cover the tack evaluating that oxen and bulls can trample only arriving from the square behind the runner. The game ends when all of the 4 tracks have been run.
Special cards can be played to favour the runner or damage the opponents.

Pamplona is a game Ghenos suggests to everyone. It is an amusing game for all the family. Gamers can enjoy it between two demanding games.

Author: M. Pesce
Graphics: G. Tower
Production: 2011, Ghenos games

2-4 Players (8+ years) 
Duration: 45 minutes +
Box contents: 4 double sided boards; 4 plastic oxen and 4 plastic bulls; 4 runner tiles; 62 cards (20 bulls, 20 oxen, 8 beers, 4 san Fermín, 1 Lion, 1 Rabbit, 8 special cards); 12 horn tokens; 12 hoof tokens; 60 bravery tokens (20 of value 5 and 40 of value 1)
Rules: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish

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