Wild Oltrenatura - 14,90 Euro

WILD OLTRENATURA is a board game leading adults and children into the most uncontaminated habitats of the earth: Kenya's SAVANNAH, Namibia's DESERT, Colombia's JUNGLE and Alaska's GLACIERS and FORESTS.

An airplane parachutes explorer Fiammetta Cicogna into regions waiting to be explored. Here, she will have to walk or swim, seeking out the best routes, in order to meet the WILDEST ANIMALS and survive. Players will have to face, and collect, scary sharks, huge cats, aggressive pachyderms, the most poisonous snakes, and many more animals they've probably never even heard of! However, they must be careful of Fiammetta's energy, water and health supplies! 
Learn about nature with WILD, a truly adventurous board game. Only the most expert and fearless explorer will be declared the Wild-winner!

So eyes peeled, nerves of steel, and go!

2-4 Players (8+ years)
Duration: 45 minutes
Box contents: 1 game board, 140 tokens, 72 animal cards, 4 Fiammetta Cicogna explorers, 12 resource tokens, 1 twelve-sided die
Rules: Italian, English

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