About us

Ghenos Games is a game publisher, founded in 2005 in Milan, Italy. It started off as a publisher of sports games due to the passion of two engineer friends: Alfredo and Ari, that are the founders.

The first game they published was Bolide, a car racing game. Others followed, but its top parade ever is Leader 1, a game on cycling races.

The meeting with the Krosmaster world affascinated Ghenos so as to become the exclusive distributor in Italy and one of the best organizer of tournaments in the World. The success of Krosmaster Arena brought Ghenos in contact with hundreds and hundreds of different Italian stores realities, that now are our customers portfolio. Ghenos became a localizer and a special partner for all the International Publishers willing to work in the brilliant peninsula, Italy!

Ghenos nowadays publishes games thanks to longterm partnerships with Ankama, Black Rock Editions and Morning (France), Ergo Ludo and Horrible Games (Italy), Plan-B Games (Germany), Sit Down (Belgium) and Stonemeier (USA). New and fresh relations have just been built with Artipia (Greece), FunForge (France), Fryxxgames (Sweden), Minion (USA). Others will follow soon.

In the meantime, Ghenos also becomes one of the largest distributors of board games in Italy. Actually we are excellent partners of all the main Italian publishers (Asmodee, Cranio, DV Games, Giochi Uniti, Giochix, MS, Oliphante, Raven, Red Glove & U-Play).

We base each of our partnerships on respect and collaboration,we are naturally careful on customer and suppliers and want they feel that  we understand their point of view and work in order that the entire supply chain makes business as a big family.

Our slogan is: Wanna play with me?



Ghenos Srl   
Via Lodovico Montegani 6 - 20141 Milan - Italy
e-mail: info@ghenosgames.com                                               

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8,30-18,00 all-day opening