Leonardo - 24,90 Euro

Vinci, late 15th Century: Someday, Leonardo will become the great inventor and painter that we know so well today. But right now he is a young, exuberant, and inventive boy. He is always inventing the most incredible creations, just by observing the world around him. He invented a tank that looks like a tortoise, flippers that look like a frog’s legs, a prototype of a bicycle to win a horse race…

Most of the time, he invents something wonderful. But sometimes he makes mistakes. Can you help the young Leonardo da Vinci and his friends build some extraordinary inventions?

Leonardo da Vinci

2-4 Players (8+ years) 
Tome of play: 30 minutes
Game components: 1 game board, 1 first player wooden piece, 3 stand up Character pawns, 18 stand up Invention pawns, 107 cards
Rules: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish

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