Welcome to Ghenos games website!

Ghenos Games is a game publisher, founded in 2005 in Milan, Italy.
Ghenos is specialized in the market of strategy games to general public. We have a large distribution channels for family games. We also have importants licenses recognized worldwide. 

Ghenos is one of the largest distributors of board games in Italy.
Ghenos is also the official distributor of the product line Krosmaster.

We have few copies of Giro d'Italia (Licensed version of Leader 1) left. If you are out of Italy, write to info@ghenosgames.com to have the game (do not buy from the Italian version of the website)!


Ghenos is also open to new ideas, it works with publishers that allow them to have original games.


Here is some of ours publisher:

Ankama, Horrible Games, Whats Your Games, Monring'Players, Ergo Ludo, Pretzel Game, Black Rock

and much more...

Our passion for boardgames drives us in a constantly reserch for new games.

Here you can find some of Ghenos boardgame catalogue divided in 3 section:

Family: for families or casual players with simple rules for 8 years old and over
Strategy: for gamers
Junior: for 6 years old and over

In this site, for every game, you will find a brief description of the game and the pdf rules file.
If you want to buy, you can add games to the cart and go to payment with Paypal or Credit Crad. We will personally take care of the packaging and the shipment.

Thanks and Enjoy!




Summer closing 2018

Ghenos will be closed in August from 11 to 19 inclusive. The orders can still be sent from the online shop and will be taken over by Monday 20.

Ghenos a Lucca Comics & Games 2016

Venite a trovarci al padiglione Cardicci allo stand E15.

Ghenos a Lucca Comics & Games 2016

Venite a trovarci al padiglione Cardicci allo stand E15.

Summer holidays 2016

Ghenos is closed from August 8th to August 15th.